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We are Manufacturer, Supplier of industrial Filter Elements, Industrial Air Filters, Oil Filter Elements, Coolant Filter Elements, Basket Strainers, Conical Strainers, Industrial Water Filters, Bag Filters, Filter Elements, Portable Filtration Units, Filter Housings, Panel Filters, Rollomatic Filters from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide our whole range all over India; but majorly we target customers from Pune and Sangli.

Filter Fabric Rolls, When it comes to filtration technology, SUTEZ is a market pioneer.

SUTEZ have now become one of the leading Manufacturer and supplier of filters and related materials for most reputed companies in India.

The Industrial Filters are available with us in a wide range, which is high in demand in the industry. our product range has included efficient and safe filtration solutions for air, hydraulic and lubrication oil, water, fuel, coolants and other processing fluids.

Our specialty is import substitution for shop-floor maintenance for the Engineering Industry.

  1. Activated Carbon Filters
  2. Air Filter for AHU
  3. APH Support Bearing L.O.Pump Filters
  4. APH Support/Guide Bearing Disc Filters
  5. Air Breathers
  6. Air Inlet Filters for Loco Compressor
  1. Booster pump suction strainers
  2. Break Air Filters
  3. BFP Turbine Duplex Filters
  4. Bag Filter for Ash Handlings
  5. Boiler / Feed pump Hydraulic
  6. Coupling L.O. Filters
  7. Boiler Circulation Pump Filters
  8. Blower Suction Filters.
  1. Control line oil filters
  2. Coal Mill Hydraulic unit filters
  3. Compressed Air Primary, Secondary & Final Filters
  4. CCCW Pump Strainers
  5. CCW Hydraulic Filter Elements.
  1. Drain Oil Tank Filters
  2. DEH on line Filters
  3. DEH Duplex Filters
  4. D.M.Water Filters
  1. EH Filters
  1. Fludising Blower Suction Filters
  2. Fuel Oil Filters
  3. Flusher Filter Elements
  1. HFO Filters
  2. HFO Duplex Filters
  3. Flusher Filter Elements
  4. Hydro unit discharge Filters
  5. HFO unloading strainers
  6. HFO forwading strainers
  7. HPLP by pass Filters
  8. HFO Pressurizing pump Filters
  9. HFO Perculator Filters
  1. Instrument air compressor oil filters
  2. Instrument air compressor air filters
  1. LDO Filters
  2. LDO Transfer Strainer do
  3. LDO pressuring pump filters
  4. L.O. flusher filters
  5. LDO control station filters
  6. LDO unloading strainers
  7. LDO forwarding strainers
  8. Lube oil filter for ID, FD & PA
  9. Lube oil filter for load mills
  10. Lube oil filter for coal mill gear boxes
  11. LDO duplex filters
  12. Lube oil filter for bypass oils.
  1. MDBFP Duplex Filters
  2. MDBFP Boiler Feed Pump Filters
  3. Mill L.O suctions
  4. Mix Bed Inlet / Outlet Strainers
  5. Main oil tank Filter Elements
  1. Pump Strainers
  1. Regeneration Pump Discharge filters
  2. Return Line Filter For Hydraulic Unit Mills
  3. Resin Trapper Filter Assemblys
  1. Seal Air Fan Suction Filters
  2. Scanner Air Fan Suction Filters
  3. Seal Oil Filters
  4. Suction Filters (hydraulic Unit)
  5. Stacker Reclaimer Filters
  6. Scoop Coupling Strainers
  7. Slurry Pump Tread Couplings
  8. Suction Discharge Strainers
  9. Strong Acid Cation Filters
  10. Stator Water Filters
  11. Secondary Filter Elements.
  1. Turbine Thrust Bearing Oil Filters
  2. Turbine EH Oil Filters
  3. Turbine L.O. Filters
  4. TDBFP Filters
  5. Turbine Control Valve Filters
  1. Y-Strainers

Our Products
All types of Industrial Filter Elements for Air, Oil, Water and Coolant etc.